Tuesday, April 7, 2015

A Day in my Young Living Life

Often times I get asked by others how they should start with Young Living, what Young Living Products to use and how to incorporate them into their daily life.

What better way then to share a day in my life!

Upon waking in the morning I reach over and grab my Present Time oil, put a few drops into my hands and inhale. This helps me stay in the present moment so I can enjoy the limited time with my family before going to work. Then off to the bathroom, where I shower using Young Living shampoo and conditioner-the Copaiba Vanilla is my favorite, ART face wash and Morning Start shower gel. I always apply Thieves oils to my feet for immune protection, as well as use Thieves toothpaste and mouthwash. I apply my ART moisturizer to my face and use Aromagaurd deodorant.

For breakfast I may have a smoothie and add essential oils to them such as lemon. I have a shot of Ningxia red, take my chewable vitamin C and use the "Happy Every Day Protocol". This Protocol incorporates the following essential Oils: Joy on my heart center, Valor on my wrists, Harmony on my solar plexus and White Angelica as my shield. Now I am ready for my day-protected health wise, spiritually and emotionally!

In my car on the way to work I diffuse oils while listening to a medication CD (No I don't close my eyes while driving). Lately I have been diffusing Ylang Ylang and Bergamot-the combination helps balance my masculine and feminine sides and bring a sense of joy. Prior to entering work, I apply Brain Power essential oil to the back of my neck-WOW the ideas I get!

Afternoons at work sometimes I get a bit tired, so I take out my peppermint oil and inhale! I instantly feel revived and it works great for headaches as well. During the day I incorporate my Core Supplements for overall health and well-being. Evenings I may have another shot of my Ningxia Red, add some oils to my home diffuser so the family enjoys the benefits as well and add oils to my cooking and baking as I feel fit!

I also use the essential oils with my kids. Prior to my daughters music lessons, we apply Valor to her feet to help her focus. I love epsom salts and lavender in the bath-so does my daughter. Peace and Calming helps them sleep at night and I use a mixture of Lavender, Tea Tree and water in a spray for their hair to prevent lice. No lice in this house since we have started using oils!

For meditating I use Frankincense oil and for relaxing I use Lavander or stress away...

There are so many wonderful ways to use essential oils to support mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health! I love Young Living's promise to honor Authenticity, sustainability and offering products to replace the harmful chemical enhanced personal care and household products I used to use.

To learn more about how you can start living a Young Living Lifestyle, email me at Beth@peakesharmony.com