Monday, June 10, 2013

An ode to Uncle Bill on his Birthday

The above photos with my family in Maine.and the cabin where my Uncle Bill, Aunt Adeline and family had spent many a summer...below-some pieces I have written in the past..Have you ever felt a connection with someone you may not have been close per say too? a relative, friend or even acquaintance..I suppose as I get older, maybe I am more open or just more aware or just more sensitive to people who have made an impact somehow in my life...Life is short but sweet for certain as Dave says..

From 8/16/11...

what I have learned on my trip to Maine..
-no helmet law, those motorcyclists are called organ donors.
-the numerous "watch for moose on highway" signs are purely for tourists adrenaline...there was no need to freak out..
-family and friends always reach out in a time of need..thank you much
-if a dying old man says a drink at dinner will make him happy...give him the damn drink
-we all have not tie up your to do lists with things we can not achieve...create realistic lists within your means and life flows much smoother
-the tide is always higher after a full moon...
-screw story books, listen to life stories of those whom have those stories to your children..
-life is short, value and honor those who are special in your life..near or far and always smile at miles..per my Dad.

from 10/1/11....

Uncle Bill,
Although we lived miles apart and times spent together too few,
Stories told to me by my dad brought me closer to you,
Your converse sneakers and canoe are only a few things that will remind me of you,
Now that your earthly task is complete, your spiritual journey continues,
As you “work the waves” of the Taunton Bay on this cold September day
..I bid adieu…

A bog about Taunton Bay and Consciousness..I found beautiful..
Uncle Bill loved nature, as does his son Gerry..whom is a wildlife photographer-you can see and purchase his amazing (Maine) photo's here-


Happy Birthday Uncle Bill.. 

Books and hummingbirds..

Like you Uncle Bill, I have accumulated oodles of books, I love them, I like to research-I find it fulfilling. I may not remember everything-but I take notes. Since we spoke last-I have continued my education,-and will expand my lifelong journey of endless learning-For the past year, I have researched, studied, made calls, followed up and talked to anyone who would listen about my business venture. A whole year and soon it will launch. I have been laughed at, used, lied to and have had obstacles thrown in my way. BUT, I have also been supported, loved, acknowledged and accepted. The emotional roller coaster alone in this experience has been deluded. I always found your intellect awe inspiring. As well as your love for nature. I remember how you enjoyed watching the hummingbirds. I researched animal totems-hummingbirds to be exact-and I am humbled by what I have learned. 

"By association with the hummingbird power animal, you may have already developed a strong adaptability and are typically quick to respond to any demand. Brought to the extreme, this ability may lead you to emotional instability as you shift rapidly from one feeling or mood to another without warning. The spirit of the hummingbird is a powerful mean to lighten up your mood when you feel down. When facing challenges or an environment plagued by negativity, call on the hummingbird to help you bring a positive outlook on the situation and find your way out with optimism. Don’t be deceived by the size of this spirit animal: Even if the hummingbird is one of the smallest birds, it can travel great distances. Those who have that bird as totem are characterized by their resiliency and their ability to run great distances tirelessly. Inspired by this totem, you will be inclined to accomplish what seems impossible to most while keeping it light and enjoyable. The hummingbird is known for burning a lot of energy quickly to keep flying and therefore needs to find sources of food constantly. If you have the hummingbird as a totem, you may benefit from resting often and taking time to feed yourself with enough, whether it’s physically, emotionally or spiritually, to keep going."

Every time I see a hummingbird, a smile fills my heart and I think of you, you have passed this totem guide to me and I thank you. I will call upon him when the negativity or challenges upon me seem overwhelming. As I continue to push through to become what God intended I will keep flying steadily, meditating, exercising, nourishing my body-loving myself to travel the distance.

...and yes I have the photo Gerry took of a hummingbird visibly in my shop to remind me :)

And I thank you from the  bottom of my heart..for I could not of pursued this far on my journey without your help...

Until we meet again,



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