Sunday, September 1, 2013

PHW Fall changes

I chose to make some time to contemplate things this weekend... my primary foods: career, spirituality, physical activity and relationships. Primary foods and secondary foods(the nourishment we eat) need to be in balance for a complete holistic life of true health wealth and happiness. This is what I coach other about..Being that it is September 1st, I reviewed my goals, my past and my vision for the future. This is an exercise I highly recommend, what good is having goals if you do not review them to check your status...I have been open now for 3 months, it has been a balancing act as my business is 4 fold (natural food sales, health coaching, Young Living Essential Oils and Wholeshare coordinator) all while trying to be Super Mom, Housekeeper of the year..and a wife. I have slipped on some of my primary foods and need to re-center. I had a wonderful meditation this afternoon which helped immensely.

In an effort to work on my own primary foods, I had to make some changes. I have developed Fall hours-which may not be feasible for all but they work for me-at this time in my life. I also have certain dates that I will be closed-Unfortunately at this time I have no paid employees. I am always open to volunteers who may want to barter services.  But for now, this is how I will operate the shop. Sundays we are closed for family time. Monday and Tuesday are by appointment only (I saved these 2 days for health coaching activities/office work), Wednesday-Friday 9-5 and Saturday 9-12. I hope to be offering workshops Saturday afternoons and group sessions begin in October on Wednesday evenings. That being said, as from stated at the beginning, I am always open by appointment to meet your needs-call me at 315-264-5554 to make other arrangements to stop in the shop-I may be available at the time you call!

I created this business to show others how to live happy and healthy lives. I wanted to incorporate healthy, non-gmo and organic foods to offer to my community. My husband and I have done this out of pocket and it has been challenging, but we have been creative. I decided to offer the Wholeshare shopping opportunity to those interested in healthy foods-to offer more of a selection. I have been keeping track of different suggestions for stock from folks whom have come in (it is all different). I still keep my list, but is impossible to get everything right now..That is where wholeshare is wonderful-they have just about everything you need! If not then the Green polka dot box or Sunfood can meet your needs-you can order from those companies right off my website! here is the link:

Please feel free to check out my website ( to see everything we have to offer, we hope to grow but are taking baby steps..Currently I am level 2 Reiki and studying to be a Reiki Master-this has been a beautiful journey for me, spiritually..this primary food continues to grow..Thank you creator!

AS with the essential oils from Young Living, these are amazing products but again I am unable to keep these in the shop for sale..(Except for the Thieves line that I do carry-toothpaste, mouthwash, cleaning solution and hand soap) I can however help you become a customer or better yet a distributor so you can reap the wholesale benefits as I do(this is so the better option-whether you want to build a business or just order oils for your personal usage). Questions? call me, we will talk!

I felt the need to let all of you wonderful people know what is happeneing in my life and why the changes, I am still here for all of you and hope to see you soon!

And if you too want to learn to live happier and healthier, call me for a FREE health consult, it is 1 hour of my time and all attention on you. Nothing to loose, just more to gain..


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