Monday, December 22, 2014

Responsibility and Divine Consciousness

Hi My name is Beth. It has been 15 months since my last blog. 

Yes, I was lost in mass consciousness. How does this happen? Hmmm...lack of proper protection, living on auto pilot, allowing my emotional body and self conscious mind to run a muck, seeking love and self worth outside the self...Maybe the news, the drowning of negativity that suffocates us from certain people in our life, day to day "mind thinking".

During 2013 I was self employed, "self" run...I made time for meditation, reading and loving. I still cared for my family and household chores, but no employer involved-nor outsiders whom I needed to "shield" myself from negativity. My business was created with love to help others to be happy and healthy..."those" were the people I had the most contact with...I met many beautiful kindred spirits during this part of the journey. Life was good.

Due to a series of unpredictable events, I returned to the workforce in January 2014-and wow did things change. Maybe it was the fact I worked n a jail (but oy vey). It wasn't long until I realized that Prison wasn't good for me, so I broke out in May and now have a job that IS truly rewarding. 

But what a change I experienced, I felt myself being sucked in to mass consciousness and I despised it. Many things I enjoyed fell by the wayside. Wishing the world would also view time as an illusion to be able to DO more-major difficulty "being" in the present moment. 

During this transition back to the workforce, I maintained my "oils" part of my business..maybe it was the passion I felt or the relationships I have built or the dream I have..but I was not letting go of that.

Luckily I have an amazing mentor whom holds me accountable in a loving way.  A few months ago, I received as assignment called "The principle of Responsibility" to read 10 times a day for 21 consecutive days. I can not tell you how many initial attempts I had. But I can tell you that today I completed my 21st day and feel freaking awesome about it!!

During the last few leadership meetings I have attended, my mentor has discussed "mass consciousness" that surrounds us and to rise above it. Many people in the world are victims or sheep in a sense-they take on the energy that surrounds them. (Unfortunately much negativity thrives here)

In my heart, I know we are each here for a divine purpose (some of us may not know what yet) but we have a DIVINE purpose on this lifetime journey. It makes sense to me that I need to surround myself with positive people and attune my consciousness on a more spiritual/divine level with other like hearted spirits.

Today, 21 days of reading my Responsibility finally clicked that this exercise would help me raise myself out of mass consciousness. Don't get me wrong I had many revelations throughout this learning experience but it was a completely unexpected awareness that I had to share.

How I can be Responsible, avoid mass consciousness and enhance my Divine Purpose:  
(my Top 5 with helpful oils)

1. Claim ownership and full control of my life.(Valor)
2. Let go of those people and things in my life that no longer serve me for my highest good. (Forgiveness)
3. (Protect myself with White Angelica)  Roll with the punches-other peoples opinions and peripheral situations have no power over me.
4. Surround myself with positive, like minded/hearted people, those whom I wish to be more like. (Joy)
5. I accept life's invitation to be all I am capable of being.(Highest Potential)

Peace, Harmony & Oils,

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